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At The Self Storage Dubai, we love our staff and continuously invest in their happiness. This positive work environment ensures our team deliver the very best in customer service and experience. Here we enhance our commitment to provide the best level of our services towards our client and community on day to day basis. It’s how we’ve become the most trusted storage and moving provider in Dubai. Our mission is to provide the highest quality of service for Home Storage ,Furniture storage Dubai, Business storage at economical cost which makes it your smart choice for all of your storage requirements. It was established in 2010 with the vision to provide world class Self Storage in Dubai with cheap prices and Relocation services with a clear and constant focus on customer satisfaction, through a genuine commitment to quality ”Our store is just 1.2 km from the Sheikh Zayed road and very easy to find it on map.

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Best Storage in Dubai

Self Storage Dubai offers you a fantastic service to store the number of things you need. No matter how much short or long the amount is. We will ensure you to provide the security to keep your belongings safe. Moving home is very easy with self-storage in Dubai. Want to move your home? Want to free up the space? You are just one step away from Self Storage Dubai. Contact us, and we will provide you with the most affordable prices for storage of your house and office in Dubai. The UAE’s Leading Self-Storage service has experience of 24 years. 24/7 on Site Security & Access.

Cheapest storage in Dubai

Are you looking for a self storage facility to keep all the extra belongings, which you don’t have space for at home? Whether you are moving homes or simply looking for some additional space for your belongings, we are the best storage service in DubaiSelf Storage Dubai is international standards in storage and shipping solutions including delivery in Dubai. The storage has monitored individual door alarms and there are also discounts on long term storage plans. wants to liberate you from unwanted stress by providing a range of affordable & Cheap Storage solutions in Dubai. Our cheap storage Dubai services are fully secure. Do not allow the scarcity of the place to become a challenge. You can relax after making storage arrangements with us.

Why People Choose us

·         Easy To Find Our Store

Prime City Storage is ideally located in Al Quoz – 1, Heart of Dubai surrounded by the world class lavish communities of Down town Dubai, it is very easy to find just few minutes drive from Noor Metro Station Sheikh Zayed Road. Our store is just 1.2 km from the Sheikh Zayed road and very easy to find it on map.

·         24/7 Support

Our professional team is happy to support our customer 24/7, you may call us during weekend also no worries you may send us an email, WhatsApp messages, text message and you will receive a prompt response.

self storage Dubai

Cheap Storage Dubai

Are you searching for cheap storage units in Dubai? Here we are. Self-storage Dubai provides you with cheap and affordable units in Dubai. We are fully secured and environmentally controlled. Have a 24/7 access facility. We offer affordable rental units in Dubai. We guarantee you to keep your assets and belongings safe. If you need cheap storage in Dubai, try us and contact us. We’re an ultra-modern, clean, secure, fully air-conditioned self-storage based in central Dubai.

Storage space for rent in Dubai

Avail of reliable self storage services in Dubai to make sure your items are protected as you move out. There are two types of storage facilities available: Shared and Self-storage. Depending on your budget and requirement you can decide on any of the options. Easy access, 24/7 surveillance, climate-controlled units, and affordable rent make us the premier storage service in Dubai.  First self storage solutions providing company in Dubai, Al Quoz. We have storage space and storage units as per the client’s requirement. Choose the most flexible public storage rental in Dubai with The Home Storage. Select from our affordable storage units of all sizes

Home storage Dubai

Storage in Dubai is now easy with Home Storage Dubai. Affordable & Premium storage facility with exceptional customer services. We’re an ultra-modern, clean, secure, fully air-conditioned selfstorage based in central Dubai. Suits students, e-commerce entrepreneurs and everyone. Self storage Dubai is the most affordable provider of Self Storage Facility in Dubai with rates starting from AED 75 per month. Self Storage Dubai provides cheap self storage space in Dubai. Find out more about our personal storage & business storage solutions Dubai.

home storage dubai

Self-storage Al Quoz

Self-storage Dubai is the first self-storage solutions providing company in Dubai, Al Quoz. Self-storage has larger storage units according to your need. We are available 24/7, and we are so professional to make sure that your belongings are protected and secure. See all our online storage services here. Self-storage Dubai is the most modern and comprehensive self-storage company in Dubai, located in Al Quoz Area. Our self-storage and moving team in Dubai are flexible, solution-oriented, customer-focused, and dedicated to your happiness. We provide modern techniques, clean, secure, fully air-conditioned self-storage units. Suitable for students, e-commerce entrepreneurs, and everyone. Self Storage Dubai understands the latest requirements of customers. We provide purpose-built storage units in Al Quoz. Our team is fully aware of the professional techniques. Cheap self-storage units and services are in Al Quoz.

Store room for rent in Dubai

Self-Storage is the first storage providing company in Al Quoz, Dubai. Self-Storage has large storage units that meet the customer’s needs. We have cheap rental units in Dubai. Ready to move in satisfying condition? Destress yourself with a self-storage moving company in Dubai. We have storage units for rent. Over 30+ storage Facilities Across the UAE – Easy 24-Hour Access, 365 Days A Year. Climate Controlled Facility, 24/7 Access, and Security. Affordable Payment Plans. Convenient Locations, Secured and Trusted.

storeroom storage

Furniture Storage Dubai

How do you guard the furniture in storage? It is easy. You supply yourself time to preserve it properly. But let’s face it, ensuring fixtures remain high takes much less work. Maintaining your furniture in a secure and comfortable area till your own home is ready in a simple manner with garage facilities to be had at Easy truck garage Dubai. With a Self-Storage Dubai custom-designed garage, your furniture may be effortlessly loaded into your house and stored in one in every of our air-conditioned storage depots. See all our latest services Self-Storage also offers flexible get an entry for up to 7 days of pinnacle driving. Our units are fully enclosed and manufactured from excellent wood. There are many motives you could need to save the furniture. Such reasons encompass:

  • Domestic restore
  • Transferring house
  • Visiting or Immigration
  • Reducing
  • Promoting your own home

Our Services

What is the best way to store items in a storage unit in Dubai?

Moving and packing your things into storage. You’ll need to make certain to pack them appropriately to guarantee that they stay in extraordinary condition. You’ll likewise need to utilize the extra room as proficiently as conceivable to get the greatest value for your money. In this aide, our storage specialists here at Store to talk about how to store things in a capacity unit the correct way. We’ll cover subjects including how to pack and wrap things, how to use space, and how to keep your capacity unit clean. We’ll likewise give supportive assets and connections to our own personal storage units in Dubai…

Pick the Right Storage Unit Dubai

There are a few stages to take before beginning to place your things in any self-storage unit in Dubai. The first of these means is picking the right kind of storage for your requirements. Take care to pick a storeroom in your space with sufficient conveniences, agreeable staff, and very much kept up with grounds. Look at our Space Assessor to figure out which storage unit size will turn out best for you. By and large, customary storage will do fine and dandy, however in case you are putting away especially temperature-or stickiness delicate things you might need to consider saving an environment-controlled storage unit.

Clean Your Things Before Storing

After getting your storage unit in Dubai, give your own effects a cleaning prior to bringing them into storage. Furniture, apparel, and kitchen things that don’t see incessant use can get bugs, form, and other unfamiliar substances into a storage unit. After some time, these minute storage intruders can mess major up. Cleaning your things and your storage unit before you start putting them away can go far.

Take a Stock of Your Things

Prior to stacking your things into boxes, and in the wake of giving them each an intensive cleaning, take an exhaustive stock of all effects you anticipate putting away. This will assist you with monitoring everything once you start the pressing and putting away interaction. That way, you will not need to go wildly tearing through your home or your storage unit looking for a solitary tragically missing thing. Utilize an accounting page or a standard clipboard to consider all that you’re putting away prior to starting the pressing and capacity measure.

Dismantle Everything

One astounding principle to follow when pressing things and stowing away them is to dismantle all things that can be handily dismantled. Shelves, tables, and seats with separable legs, bed outlines, and different things intended to be camouflaged ought to be dismantled prior to being put away. This will assist with forestalling harm and will make squeezing these things into more modest extra rooms a lot simpler.

Pack Completely and Consistently Name Your Cases

In accordance with reviewing your things prior to pressing, name your cases and pack them completely once you start filling them. To “pack completely” basically intends to sort your things dependent on credits like size, storage, and delicacy when stacking them into boxes. For instance, it very well might be a smart thought to place the entirety of your kitchen things into one box. Recollect to not put an excessive amount of weight on top of delicate things like your fine china. All things being equal, you pad them with things like dishtowels, placemats, or other delicate things. Thinking completely won’t just keep your things in great condition—it will save you long periods of unloading and arranging time later on.

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