Self Storage Dubai is the UAE most popular self storage company. We provide state of the art safe storage units for homes and businesses across the country. Founded in 1998 in our first store in Al Quoz, we now operate a range of 101 storage centers, in which the Prime City Storage is Partner. Self storage Dubai employs more than 270 people and is listed. We are also listed on the Sunday Top 83 Companies operating in 2020.

We Are on Self Storage

People often ask – “Do I have storage companies nearby?” When they need to find a little space – especially for important events in their lives. They rely on a large Yellow for any type of storage needs, such as selling and relocating a home, repairing a home, getting married or divorced, starting a family, reducing inheritance, or contracts. When there is little storage space in the home, storage companies also work to use it as a maintenance room.

Storage on People

Self Storage is about the people of Dubai. Our employees and self-employed customers are the most important part of our business and we invest heavily in their care. Our staff is highly trained to provide a friendly, efficient and insightful customer service. We are a company on its own to save failing habeysa extra miles to make our customers every time storage is good and appropriate

We are always looking to expand our team, so look at your vacancies and meet some of your personalities.

Storage on Environment

Great Self Storage, we know that the most important place is the environment around us and that is why we strive to build a company that is self sufficient in the environment. Creating our own electricity with solar panels on the surface and lowering our carbon footprint through efforts like storage unit lights are two examples we invest in sustainability.

We Are on Business

Many businesses in the Dubai use our storage distribution center or even work, either in the storage area or in one of our flexible offices. These include many innovative businesses that take advantage of our support store teams, additional business services, and special security measures that do not have commercial rates or strict lease agreements. Our national customer team is working together to help you manage your large storage units across the country. Read how some of our business clients have benefited from their Self storage company in Dubai.

We Are on Security

Protecting the property of our customers is our number one priority. Our stores are located on purpose, modern and safe and easily accessible. We are the only Self storage company where each part of the storage is individually panicked and each customer can get their own PIN numbers for their storage locations and rooms. Outdoor, 24-hour CCTV also monitored, with workers on the site, doors and fencing kidney electronic e marked seven days a week during business hours. Fire extinguishers and cigarette butts provide another layer of security in all storage areas of our facilities.

We Are on Innovation

The team has led the development of a new generation of self storage companies using state of the art technology and are located in high altitude, accessible routes. In addition to our best customer service and our leading marketing team, our focus on location and appearance in our large Self Storage Dubai warehouses has made us one of the UAE most recognized storage companies.

About Us

Self Storage Company in Dubai

Prime City Storage Dubai is ideally located in Al Quoz – 1, Heart of Dubai surrounded by the world class lavish communities of Down town Dubai, Springs, Arabian ranches, JBR Dubai Marina, JLT and so on…

Our store is just 1.2 km from the Sheikh Zayed road and very easy to find it on map, It was established in 2010 with the vision to provide world class Storage and Relocation services with a clear and constant focus on customer satisfaction, through a genuine commitment to quality”. Our mission is to provide the highest quality of service at economical cost which makes it your smart choice for all of your storage requirements. Here we enhance our commitment to provide the best level of our services towards our client and community on day to day basis.

We provide secure and modern self storage units for homes and businesses in Dubai.


People often ask – “are there storage companies near me?“ when they need to find some extra space – especially at key events in their lives. They trust our store for keeping all kinds of storage needs, including when house selling and moving home, carrying out home improvements,


Many of Business use us as a distribution hub, for stock storage or even to work in, be it in a storage unit or one of our flexi-offices. These include many innovative business start-ups , which benefit from our helpful store teams, extra business services, and exceptional security measures all without business rates or complicated leases. Our National Customers team work together to bring you unrivalled support in managing your multiple storage units.


Our storage is all about people. Our staff and self storage customers are the most important part of our business and we invest heavily in looking after them. Our staff are highly trained to offer customer service that is friendly, helpful and insightful. We are a self storage company that goes the extra mile to make every customer’s storage time with us enjoyable and easy.

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