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Climate controlled storage units with Easy access, 24/7 surveillance, and affordable rent make us the Premier Self Storage Service in Dubai.

At Self Storage Dubai, our customers always have peace of mind about their personal belongings are safe in our secure & durable storage units. No matter where you are going, you can rest assured your property is in our safe hands. We know moving and relocating in Dubai can be stressful, so let us help make the process simpler for you. Contact us today to learn more about our self storage room options and sizes.


    Self Storage in Dubai

    Prime City Storage Dubai is ideally located in Al Quoz – 1, Heart of Dubai surrounded by the world class lavish communities of Down town Dubai, Springs, Arabian ranches, JBR Dubai Marina, JLT and so on…

    Our store is just 1.2 km from the Sheikh Zayed road and very easy to find it on map, It was established in 2010 with the vision to provide world class Storage and Relocation services with a clear and constant focus on customer satisfaction, through a genuine commitment to quality”. Our mission is to provide the highest quality of Self storage Units at economical cost which makes it your smart choice for all of your storage requirements in Dubai. Here we enhance our commitment to provide the best level of our services towards our client for Storage Unites on day to day basis.

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    Storage Space in Dubai for rent

    Self Storage Dubai has been helping people find temporary savings for more than many years.

    If you need to keep your belongings at home in Dubai, we are one of the best Self-storage in Dubai. We offer a wide range of services that are suitable for you and your level of comfort and do not allow the difficulty of moving to Dubai to be difficult for you. In today’s rapidly going world, you are faced with situations that force you to move from one place of residence to another in Dubai or within the country. Your work situation forces you to move out of the country for a long time where you cannot tie up your furniture for rent and release it for a long time because you have to leave your home and you have to pay the rent when you do. They make it useless.

    Now that you know more about choosing the best storage locations,

    let’s quickly talk about the benefits of using it.
    First of all, the storage units are extraordinarily helpful if you find yourself needing to move beyond your expectations.

    Whether due to financial circumstances, new job opportunities, or even changes in your personal life you have had little time to find where you live, you should not share your belongings because they are not suitable. Temporary house or apartment.

    Instead, you can put it in a convenient store while you shop at the most suitable place to live.

    This allows you to spend your time painting and decorating your new home – and allows you to have things that don’t exactly fit your decor, but you’re not ready to get involved.

    What is the best way to store items in a storage unit in Dubai?

    How to Store Things in a Self-Storage Unit in Dubai

    Moving your things into storage? You’ll need to make certain to pack them appropriately to guarantee that they stay in extraordinary condition. You’ll likewise need to utilize the extra room as proficiently as conceivable to get the greatest value for your money. In this aide, our storage specialists here at Stor-It talk about how to store things in a capacity unit the correct way. We’ll cover subjects including how to pack and wrap things, how to use space, and how to keep your capacity unit clean. We’ll likewise give supportive assets and connections to our own personal storage units in Dubai…

    Pick the Right Storage Unit Dubai

    There are a few stages to take before beginning to place your things in any self-storage unit in Dubai. The first of these means is picking the right kind of storage for your requirements. Take care to pick a storeroom in your space with sufficient conveniences, agreeable staff, and very much kept up with grounds. Look at our Space Assessor to figure out which storage unit size will turn out best for you. By and large, customary storage will do fine and dandy, however in case you are putting away especially temperature-or stickiness delicate things you might need to consider saving an environment-controlled storage unit. 

    Clean Your Things Before Storing

    After getting your storage unit in Dubai, give your own effects a cleaning prior to bringing them into storage. Furniture, apparel, and kitchen things that don’t see incessant use can get bugs, form, and other unfamiliar substances into a storage unit. After some time, these minute storage intruders can mess major up. Cleaning your things and your storage unit before you start putting them away can go far. 

    Take a Stock of Your Things

    Prior to stacking your things into boxes, and in the wake of giving them each an intensive cleaning, take an exhaustive stock of all effects you anticipate putting away. This will assist you with monitoring everything once you start the pressing and putting away interaction. That way, you will not need to go wildly tearing through your home or your storage unit looking for a solitary tragically missing thing. Utilize an accounting page or a standard clipboard to consider all that you’re putting away prior to starting the pressing and capacity measure. 

    Dismantle Everything

    One astounding principle to follow when pressing things and stowing away them is to dismantle all things that can be handily dismantled. Shelves, tables, and seats with separable legs, bed outlines, and different things intended to be camouflaged ought to be dismantled prior to being put away. This will assist with forestalling harm and will make squeezing these things into more modest extra rooms a lot simpler. 

    Pack Completely and Consistently Name Your Cases

    In accordance with reviewing your things prior to pressing, name your cases and pack them completely once you start filling them. To “pack completely” basically intends to sort your things dependent on credits like size, storage, and delicacy when stacking them into boxes. For instance, it very well might be a smart thought to place the entirety of your kitchen things into one box. Recollect to not put an excessive amount of weight on top of delicate things like your fine china. All things being equal, you pad them with things like dishtowels, placemats, or other delicate things. Thinking completely won’t just keep your things in great condition—it will save you long periods of unloading and arranging time later on.

    Cheap Storage in Dubai

    Self-storage Dubai should be a way to remove stress from your life, so you don’t want to pay through the nose. We offer competitive prices on our storage solutions.

    Storage Units Facility in Dubai

    Eventually, you are ready to move, but you can’t think of parting with some of your furniture and other emotional things.

    Time is your place, you will find you between areas between bit until you find a new place to perfection.

    You may not move at all, but you feel you have a lot of stuff or a lot of personal stuff for the storage unit. Your home is starting to look like an old shop.

    It doesn’t matter what the above conditions are so familiar to you, now is the time to rent out the storage units in Dubai.

    But with so many options to choose from, finding the best storage unit in Dubai can be difficult.

    We are here to help.

    In this project, we will fill you in on what to look for in the storage sector, the benefits of using it, and why Home Storage in Dubai is the best storage company it operates.

    Although your children or other family members may inherit these items or other items when they move into their homes in the future – and we know they would love to remind you.

    Finally, storage units prevent your home from having too many items, artwork and even documents. You do not use these items every day, so why take them home?

    Self Storage Solution in Dubai 

    Being an inhabitant of the UAE, you might confront a short storage issue inside your home, room, or business. Perhaps you are likewise searching for storage services in Dubai for your additional vehicles in the carport, furniture, and electrical apparatuses because of the short accessible space. Best Mover is consistently prepared to help you since they have a group of specialists that can do anything. Costs of our storage arrangement service won’t ever put trouble on your pockets. 

    Dependable Storage Services in Dubai 

    Best Mover is a flawless alternative to get storage services in Dubai! There aren’t any capacity organizations that could contend with Best Movers, albeit different organizations may likewise profess to be better prepared to deal with your storage and moving necessities. Need to know why? 

    • We give Dependable Arrangements 
    • Sets aside time and cash 
    • Moment Statement and Quick reach to your doorstep 

    Private and Business Extra room? 

    At the point when you require an answer for your private or business storage issue, contact a capacity organization in Dubai. Judging exclusively for a fact, Best Movers and Packers in Dubai is the most experienced business and private movers in UAE. Our group is knowledgeable about moving office hardware that was weighty like enormous PC gear, file organizers, and glass gathering tables. 

    24/7 Storage Services in Dubai 

    Best Movers vows to give secure Self-Storage spaces nearby. We comprehend trust is fundamental with regards to storage, which is the reason we put resources into security. Plus, we have security barriers with trees and brambles cleared, so potential criminals have no place to stow away. Best Movers additionally has industry-standard surveillance cameras at every last one of their storage stockrooms. 

    Moving and Storage Solution

    Term self-storage has accommodated those customers who need to store their family products for the Short and Long term. For those arranging a more limited move, this might be the ideal arrangement. Our momentary moving help is superb for anybody moving inside the Assembled Bedouin Emirates… 

    Secure Self-Storage Company in Dubai

    Indeed, there are numerous inhabitants in the UAE who are confronting a great deal of issues in putting away their significant belongings in their homes, room, or even office. Along these lines, in case you are one of them and are searching for dependable storage services in Dubai, at that point, you are remaining in the ideal spot. We are one of the most expert and reliable self-storage specialists in the business to get your concern inappropriately. 

    Indeed, we have the best answer for getting your storage needs covered whether it is intended for an additional vehicle or furniture or even an apparatus. It is very risky to have a ton of stuff and no space to cover them. Along these lines, we are constantly ready to get you out of this difficulty by assisting you with long and transient storage in Dubai. 

    Because of a lack of room, it turns out to be a serious testing circumstance for individuals in Dubai to keep their assets safely and sufficiently. Thus, to dispose of this issue, Matic’s arrangement is to enlist our self-storage services with which you can store your assets with complete security. Regardless of whether you need to store your business records or are searching for a spot to keep your vehicle secure then, at that point, interface with our help leaders. 

    We have the best offices to assist you with a wide range of storage and moving-related arrangements. We not just case to be the best self-storage company in Dubai yet, in addition, have every one of the utilities to convey the best storage in Dubai which can assist you with disposing of your storage issues. 

    Dependable Storage for Rent Close to you 

    Being downright mind-blowing for giving distribution center self-storage arrangements in Dubai, we generally endeavor hard to keep up with the norms we have set for ourselves with regards to helping the occupants of Dubai. Not just we will assist you with saving your time by getting you are putting away necessities covered rapidly yet, in addition, assist you with saving a ton of bucks as we assist you with your putting away requirements at reasonable rates. 

    You can be guaranteed the quality you get with our storage arrangements in Dubai. Indeed, we generally keep up with the norm and ensure that your assets are kept in the most secure place. There are a few reasons which make us stand apart from different organizations when its question of giving self-storage services, investigate: 

    • We have long periods of involvement with serving a few occupants in Dubai with top-notch storage services. 
    • Our help chiefs are working all nonstop to assist you with any sort of question or uncertainty identified with our putting away arrangements. 
    • Best quality putting away offices to ensure that every one of your assets and resources is kept secure and ensured. 
    • We will assist you with quality endorsed self-storage services at modest rates 

    Why People Choose us

    ·         Easy To Find Our Store

    Prime City Storage is ideally located in Al Quoz – 1, Heart of Dubai surrounded by the world class lavish communities of Down town Dubai, it is very easy to find just few minutes drive from Noor Metro Station Sheikh Zayed Road. Our store is just 1.2 km from the Sheikh Zayed road and very easy to find it on map.

    ·         24/7 Support

    Our professional team is happy to support our customer 24/7, you may call us during weekend also no worries you may send us an email, WhatsApp messages, text message and you will receive a prompt response.

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